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Do the kids need the latest smart phone or tablet/games console?  Are we becoming a selfish society keeping Santa unnecessarily busy?  We all run around days before Christmas – ferociously pumping up the profits of Amazon and Interflora – how fulfilled do we and the recipients actually feel?  The kids rip open their presents at a rate of knots, tossing them to one side in anticipation of the next bigger, better present.  Feels kind of empty sometimes doesn’t it?

How about making an impact on somebody’s life – giving your time for free so that others can grow from your experience.  Sounds good right?  Sign up with GetMentoredNow to become a mentor - our aim it to become the largest mentoring platform globally, helping people all of the world for free!  If you want to be part of this initiative please sign up as a mentor and ask as many of your friends and colleagues to do the same.  Thank you so much for your support

Here what a difference it makes to mentees…

"I was considering three very different career possibilities and decided to take the opportunity I did because I felt it offered me the right balance of challenge while also playing to my strengths and existing experience. My Mentor helped me to carry out an objective, rigorous process to help me decide, and it removed much of the stress from the decision."

And to mentors…

"Thank you for the opportunity I have found it very fulfilling and can only hope my mentees think I've done a good job!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed being a mentor, and felt it was extremely worthwhile, it was great to know that you were able to help someone else and they appreciated the time you were able to give them. It was very satisfying!"

"It´s my second year as a mentor-it's a very worthwhile thing to do."

"I enjoyed my role as mentor"

"I've found it to be a very rewarding experience and hope my mentees love Sheffield as much as I do!"

"Thank you for my new friend!"

"Good experience. Well worthwhile."

"I have really enjoyed taking part in the mentoring scheme and am still in contact with two out of three of my mentees."

"I think the scheme works really well, I won't be a student next year but I wish you continued luck with it!"

So – if you want to feel fulfilled at Christmas, give your time to someone – its free and its invaluable.


Sign up now to get a piece of the action!



Wishing you all a wonderful and fulfilled Christmas

Dave Gunner & Alex Marson