Dave Gunner
~ MSc, PfMP, PMP

Get Mentored Now is a Free Service
Why and What
One thing I am certain of is that mentoring is arguably the most effective way of facilitating the development and growth of others. Passing on knowledge and experience is something that protects our future and if we did not do this how do we progress?
... and it is also an
Mentoring is a means to do this
... and it is also an extremely gratifying way to pass the ‘baton’ to others and to allow them to take it on. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing someone else fail from the same mistakes that we either made or saw others make.
For many years
For many years
...and whilst at HP/HPE I have witnessed a demand for mentoring from both within the organisation and also externally. I have subsequently seen numerous mentoring initiatives come and go, for various reasons, but primarily due to the fact that many are very resource intensive in terms of matching up mentees with mentors.
This is where we fit in.
This is where we fit in.
GetMentoredNow.com is a platform that allows mentors to register their skills and expertise and enables mentees to find the right mentor to meet their specific needs. Together we can achieve the goal of passing on our knowledge and experience to our peers as well as to the next generation irrespective of profession or interest.
This is usually unsustainable.
All too often potential mentees don’t know where to go or who to connect to and potential mentors don’t know how or with whom they should engage to pass on their knowledge.
The future is in our hands.
The future is in our hands.
It is up to us to safely pass on our own knowledge, experience and what we have learned to protect our future and that of children and their children too. Please, register on this site.